Sunday, August 29, 2010

Thank You!

I am honored to be the Libertarian nominee for U.S. Senator and I am proud to have been a part of this historic election.

I look forward to promoting our message of less government and more freedom and to letting the people of Louisiana know that they don't have to settle for the Republicans and the Democrats. I'll be updating this site in the coming days with details on how I plan to make the case for liberty during the next nine weeks leading up to the general election.

First, though, I do want to express my appreciation for the people who helped so much during this primary campaign.

I thank Tony Gentile for being a fine candidate and for making this Libertarian primary possible. I wish him the best of luck in the future.

I thank the leadership of the Libertarian Party of Louisiana, especially Chairman T. Lee Horne III and Vice-Chairman Scott Lewis, for all the work they did. Leading a group of libertarians can't be an easy job.

I thank long-time Libertarian Party of Louisiana activist Mike Wolf for all the great advice he has given me and the support that he has shown.

I thank Chris Bradford for his work organizing volunteers and reaching out to voters. I thank Robert Gaffney for his words of encouragement and for his assistance in economic policy matters.

Over the course of the last few weeks I've gotten many emails from people asking for my opinions, or letting me know their own opinions, on a variety of issues. I thank all of those people for their time and attention and advice. I can't name them all, but I do want to especially thank Matthew Steel, Rodney Moore, and Donnie Griffith for the discussions we've had. I also thank Donnie for the good work he does on behalf of medical marijuana patients in Louisiana.

There are many other people who deserve to be thanked and I'm in the process of responding to calls and emails now. If I miss you, please know that you are appreciated.

Finally, I thank the voters who turned out to cast ballots in this history-making election. Please remember to vote on November 2.

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