Sunday, August 15, 2010

Support Our Troops By Bringing Them Home

The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are the latest in a long series of foreign conflicts in which the U.S. military has been used for political purposes that, at best, had nothing to do with the security interests of the United States.

In some cases the U.S. entered those wars at the behest of foreign interests who were happy to have Americans fighting their wars for them. In other cases there were ill-conceived ideas about imposing democracy or inflicting humanitarianism with military firepower. In some cases there were foolish fantasies of following up the Cold War with a global empire. In all cases, though, there were American politicians who were willing to use foreign deployments of American soldiers to support their own political careers.

We must always be ready to defend our military from war-hungry politicians. The most effective antidote is a knowledge of history and geography, but a few basic things are worth mentioning:

The terrorists do not "hate us because of our freedoms." They hate us because of the invade-the-world foreign policy that we've allowed our leaders to follow for decades.

The terrorists cannot take our freedoms from us, but some of our own leaders can and will take away our freedoms in the name of fighting terrorism.

There is nothing patriotic about sending a young American half-way around the world to fight in a foreign war.

We should support our troops by bringing them home now and never again letting our leaders use them as pawns in global politics. We should follow a truly pro-American foreign policy which avoids committing U.S. troops to wars that are not essential to our national security.

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