Friday, July 16, 2010

Voting in the Libertarian Primary

On August 28 Louisiana will, for the first time in living memory, hold three statewide party primaries. One will be for the Republicans, one for the Democrats, and one for the Libertarians. This provides us with a great opportunity to reject the two major parties and support a third option. Each vote that is cast in the Libertarian primary will make one more dent in the armor of the two party duopoly.

You can vote in the Libertarian primary if you are either:
1) a registered Libertarian
2) registered with no party
3) registered with a non-recognized party. (So, for example, a registered Conservative or Constitution party member can vote in the Libertarian primary.)

The only voters who will NOT be able to vote in the Libertarian primary are those who are registered as either Democratic, Green, Reform, or Republican.

Full instructions and an informative chart can be found at the Secretary of State's website.

If you need to change your party affiliation, you can do so very easily through the electronic voter registration form. Alternatively, you can make the change in person at your parish registrar of voters office.

JULY 28 is the deadline to register or change your party affiliation for the August 28 election. Changes made through the electronic voter registration form can take a few days to process, so if you are using that method you should make the change at least a few days in advance of the July 28 deadline.

If you are not sure what your current party affiliation is, you can check your registration through the polling locator.

It has been brought to my attention that some parish registrars of voters are giving voters incorrect information about their voting options on August 28. I'm sure that these are honest mistakes since our current election system can be confusing for some people. My advice is that any general questions about this election should be directed to the Louisiana Secretary of State's office. Alternatively, you can contact me with your question. If I don't know the answer, I'll do everything I can to find the answer for you. My email address is .

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  1. Vote for your convictions and your vote is never wasted. Vote for anything else and your vote is truly wasted.
    If a person votes for the lesser of two evils the vote is still for evil.
    If a person votes just so they can say they voted for the winner and the winner is the devil himself what has been won? What has been done!

    Chairman Libertarian Party of Louisiana

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